Septic System

On-Site New Septic System and Sanitary Sewer Installation in Mid-Missouri

On-Site New Septic System And Sanitary Sewer Installation In Mid-Missouri

Septic System

If you are working on a commercial project, it is essential to have a high-quality septic system in place to ensure your building functions at its full potential at all times once completed. This is where we come in. Whether you require thousands of feet of sewer main, an on-site treatment facility or a simple lagoon our certified Septic System Contractors are the people you can count on to install a high functioning septic system that will last your commercial building many years to come.

Septic System Installation Contractors in Mid-Missouri

Septic System Installation

We only hire the best of the best when it comes to our team of qualified contractors at S&A Equipment and Builders. Our contractors are not only experienced, but also reliable sources of information when you have any questions or concerns regarding your new septic system. Our team uses only the latest in construction technology to help us make the right calls when installing your new septic system. We have a lot of years under our belts and have seen it all. From large scale projects to small ones we can wrap up in a day, our years of our experience help us deliver on our promise of excellence every single time. To further insure our work, our team of septic system contractors are Certified by the Department of Health and Social Services as an advanced on-site wastewater installer. This means we can design and install commercial and residential septic systems that are approved through the DHSS.

Our Septic System Services in Mid-Missouri Offered At
S&A Equipment and Builders

For a better understanding of what our septic services entail, we have broken it down to better explain what exactly our team can do for your and your next commercial construction project.

Site Visit and Consultation

The very first step in any new septic system project is for a site visit and consultation. We'll evaluate the existing conditions, your needs and your goals and put together the best course of action.

site visit
Check Regulatory Requirements

We make sure to consult any regulatory requirements before beginning a new septic system project. We understand the importance of doing things by the book.

Percolation Test
Site Survey

In this step, our contractors are getting a general lay of the land to see how the location of the septic system may interfere with other areas of your commercial property.

Site Survey
Soil Test

To begin, our team will dig down in the soil about six to seven feet at the proposed location of the new septic tank. The morphology of the soil is then tested along with the seasonal high water table. We'll also test how quickly the soil absorbs water. 

Septic System
System Design

Finally, our team will take everything we learned from the test pit, perc test and site survey and apply it to a suitable septic system design. It is crucial this design complies with city and state septic system regulations.


Once we've drafted a system design for your new septic system, we'll propose the design and pricing to you for final review or modification.


Now that you've approved the final design, our team will begin installing your septic system. Each of our septic system installers is highly skilled and experienced for a flawless installation.

Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance: Your septic system is now installed and running properly. If you're in need of service or maintenance on your septic system, S&A Equipment and Builders is happy to help.


Why S&A Equipment and Builders Is The Right Choice As Your Septic System Contractors in Mid-Missouri

If you’re like most of our clients, what happens after you flush the toilet or drain the sink, does not occupy a lot of your daily thoughts. Unfortunately, a compliant, functioning septic system is essential for any property, commercial and/or residential. As a DHHSS Certified Advanced on-site Wastewater Installer, we can ensure this requirement is off your radar.  Septic systems, lagoons, leach fields, low-pressure pipe systems, drip irrigation systems, sand filters, mounds, land application, sewage treatment facility, and connection to centralized sewer systems are all options we can explore for your needs. We have extensive experience and training in each of the items listed above.

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